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WEEK 1 TERM 3 ISSUE 296 JULY 24th 2019

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Jenna McArdle



Week 1
Thu July 25th
Play is the way

Week 3
Wed Aug 7th
4/5 Basketball Carnival

Welcome Back!

I trust you enjoyed spending some extra time with your kidlets over the holiday period. We are very excited to get stuck into Term 3, it promises to be an exciting fun filled term capping it off with our whole school camp in week 10, to Warradale Barracks in Adelaide. Students have played a role in planning out the days and it looks to be filled full of adventure.

I would like to congratulate Liam Chaffey and Ava Dauk on receiving the principal awards at last assembly. Both students have shown outstanding behaviour and random acts of kindness both in and outside of the classroom. We have some great little leaders coming up through the ranks.

Congratulations to Ava Dauk and Monique Doyle for 100% attendance in the first semester. Both girls enjoyed a special morning tea in the office to celebrate.

This term SRC will be running an attendance “competition” between the classes. At each assembly the class with the highest attendance will get to choose from 5 activities to celebrate having the highest attendance percentage at the school and receive an attendance trophy to be on show in their classroom until the next assembly. This will reset for each assembly.

We have been fortunate to have won the opportunity for a Learning by Design, 3D Printing in Primary Schools Project. Some of Rapid Bay staff will be working with personnel from Makers Empire. Our site will receive a 12 month subscription to the application and have access to their Professional Development program.

We have added to our staff this term, most of you may know Abbey Knight from Semester 1 this year, she will be joining us on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s to help cover teachers non-contact time. I would also like to Welcome Helen Bartlett as a student SSO who will be covering her 120hour placement with us at Rapid Bay. We are beyond excited to have extra set of hands as part of our Rapid Bay family.

Four staff members, Vicki, Helen, Sarah and Paul will be attending the Play is the Way training Thursday 25th July. Play is the Way is the base of our behaviour code and we are looking for consistency across the school and at home. Our new behaviour code displays the language that we will be using at a school level and would appreciate if this language could also be used at home. As time develops you will be hearing more about the play is the way pedagogy as it will be interlocked with our newsletter and assembly. Our first disposition we will be focusing on is Be Brave – Participate to Progress, School is about stepping bravely into the unknown. The unknown is often uncomfortable. The braver you are the more you learn.

Jen McArdle

Student of the Week and Principal Awards

Student of the Week and Principal Awards

Site Works Update

We have reached the final stages of site works, just some final paving taking place and a new block retaining wall.

Three Not-So-Little Emotions

Did you know that the average child begins school able to recognise when they feel happy, sad and mad? Many children do not gain more than another handful of ‘known’ feelings before they leave primary school. Does it matter if we can or can’t recognise, and name, what we are feeling? Very much so! It is very easy for us (adults in particular) to focus on behaviours and not what is behind the behaviours. Knowing what we are feeling can help us to move through challenges (whether it’s eating you greens, experiencing something new or learning something hard) in a positive way.

Let’s meet three not-so-little feelings called the Protective Three; expressing these three feelings, when something new challenges us, will help us to get through that new experience. The three helpful feelings are:

Brave – You can’t be brave without being afraid.
Grateful – You can be thankful in each moment.
Hopeful – A hopeful heart makes many things possible.

So next time you have to try or learn something new and hard; look around for Brave, Grateful and Hopeful. They will help you get through the challenge!

Brought to you from
The Well-being Classroom

By Gina Hunt
Pastoral Care Worker
Firey Women Delamere Flyer Photo

Hello Fleurieu! Youth Festival

Ideas on the Fleurieu is a not-for-profit community initiative developed by volunteers to maintain and improve the lifestyle and environment that the Fleurieu Peninsula offers.

Our next event is this coming Sunday, and is kids focussed…entitled Hello Fleurieu!
The event is free for parents, with a ticket price of $10 per kid or $20 per family.

However, RBPS have negotiated that this be waived for Rapid Bay Primary and Yankalilla Area School…. making the event free for our families.

Attendees simply apply the code “Bendigo” when booking here: www.trybooking.com/BDSHR (ticket sponsorship is from Bendigo Bank)

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