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WEEK 5 TERM 3 ISSUE 298 AUGUST 22nd 2019

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Jenna McArdle


Week 5
Fri Aug 23rd
Book Week Parade and Book Sale

Week 6
Thurs Aug 29th
Fathers' Day Stall

Week 7
Mon Sept 2nd
Pupil Free Day

Week 8
Tues Sept 10th
Governing Council
Thurs Sep 12th
School Photos

Week 10
Sept 25-27

Dear Rapid Bay Families,
Our whole school camp is getting closer and the excitement is building! A note went home last week outlining the costs and dates. A more detailed itinerary will be sent home in the near future. Once again, thanks to RATCH Australia for their generous sponsorship which has allowed us to cap the cost at $80 per student. This is significantly lower than equivalent camps at most schools.
Congratulations to Ella and Della who participated in the netball carnival. They had a successful day, making the grand final but narrowly losing. I have no doubt both girls would have represented the school proudly.
Principal Awards
Our Principal Award Winners- Celeste, Della, Emily and Archie N. They were all very deserving winners, demonstrating the play is the way virtue of being brave and participating to progress.
Book Week
Students have been busy celebrating Book Week. Classes have been reading some of the short listed books. It really is tremendous to see the love of reading on full display here at Rapid Bay. I can’t wait to see everyone’s book character costumes for our dress up day this Friday. Also a reminder of our book swap on this day, students can bring 50 cents and unwanted books to swap with other books on the table.
Mayors Short Story Challenge
Early this year all students in the MP and UP class submitted stories in the Mayors Short Story Competition. The creative writing challenge is held during term two each year for school aged children. The winner from each section will receive a $50 gift voucher. The overall winner for each Council will receive a $100 gift voucher to South Seas Book Shop, donated by the Friends of the Library. Three of our students have been invited to attend the presentation evening in September. A HUGE congratulations to Della, Kooper and Royce and all students who participated. We couldn’t be prouder.
At Rapid Bay it is expected that all staff will uphold and model our rules, in the belief that we cannot ask from our students what we will not give of ourselves. The golden rule focuses on the skills of self-control, self-motivation, empathy and managing relationships. We aim to put students in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions. We want them to be able to care for themselves, others and the environment. Not because we say so, but because they know it’s the right thing to do.


Please be aware when sending lunches or food for sharing that there are students in the school with severe allergies. Nuts, whole eggs, pineapple and kiwi fruit are not to be eaten at school.


Helen Bartlett
I have been doing my work placement hours here at Rapid Bay School as part of obtaining my certificate 3 in Education Support.
I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity of working and gaining experience in such a unique, amiable setting. I have been made to feel very welcome by the educators and also by the students who are a fantastic, fun, vibrant group that has been very supportive.
I look forward to learning all I can over the forthcoming weeks and working towards gaining a qualification that will give me a great start to working in the education sector.

Larissa Barry
Hello, I am Larissa Barry and I live in Myponga. I have been in this area for nine years. I have recently started working at Rapid Bay Primary school as a SSO. Everyone has made me feel really welcome, thank you for this. I love your library and with all the cool books, and cosy corners it has to just chill out, making it very welcoming. The drive to Rapid Bay is just magical, we really live in an amazing part of the world. I have three young boys that attend Myponga Primary School, and some of the faces at Rapid Bay are familiar through the Yankalilla Kindy. I have just started as a SSO late last year and I really love what I do. I love community involvement and helping each other out when we can. At the moment I am working with some of the students for summer veggie garden so watch this space.
Helen (left) and Larissa

Year 7 to High School Regional Consultation

What are the challenges or opportunities you anticipate in the introduction of Year 7 to high school in the regional setting?
Please join us to learn more about the upcoming move of year 7 to high school and to provide your views on the proposal for a 3-year transition period in some country primary schools.
A forum will be held in Rapid Bay:
Tuesday 3 September 2019, 6.15pm
Rapid Bay Primary School
Essington Lewis Drive, Rapid Bay

All families are invited to attend. We are especially interested in hearing from you if your child is currently in year 2, 3 or 4.
You can read more at www.yoursay.gov.au/year7.
Please register to attend hhttps://yoursay.sa.gov.au/events/community-forums If you’re unable to attend, you can contribute your views https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/year7/participations
up news

Wingfield Waste Excursion

Last week the Uppers and Middle primary classes visited the Wingfield waste site to learn about landfill and recycling. The excursion consisted of two parts. Firstly, we went on a bus tour through the dump site where we were able to see where the landfill rubbish comes in and how they process it with their machinery. We also got to see where it leaves the site too on big semi-trailers to another site as the current Wingfield landfill site is full so they need to take it to another site now even though it gets processed there. We also got to see how they processed organic matter and what they do with other products like timber pallets, which get turned into wood chips. On the tour we also saw the effects of soft plastics and how currently we are storing bundles of soft plastics as China is no longer buying it from Australia, so it has no use as yet.
Our second part of the excursion was doing some hands on activities in the Education Centre. We did activities such as seeing how they sort recyclable materials in the small replica of the Tumbler (which sorts 2D and 3D materials) and also increasing our knowledge of what can go in which bin in our own households. The excursion was a great eye opener and it helped broaden our knowledge of our own recycling program.
dump 1
dump 2


On Thursday August 29th Gina will run a stall for Mothers Day.
Gifts will range from $2 to $20and will be wrapped. Children will have an opportunity to buy one or more gifts so please send a carry bag for them to take the gifts home in.

Crafts with a purpose

Better described as “Crafts with the purpose of creating space and relationship for meaningful conversation.”

When people, regardless of age, are engaged in a craft or art activity they are much more open to all kinds of conversation. I have taught art and crafts to people, from 2 – 92, for over thirty years. Adults often refer to their craft lessons as ‘therapy’ and I formally describe myself as a youth worker when advertising my children’s classes.
Because of this ‘space’ any craft can be used to work the conversation. What do you enjoy doing, what can you teach others and what is currently fashionable? These are all questions to ask yourself when planning crafts for relationship. They will take home, and remember, the message attached to a craft, whether it be about letting go of anger or releasing pent up stresses, which they have been wanting to learn.
So how do we attach a message to a craft and share it?
  1. Begin with the story, message or theme which you wish to share.
  2. Brainstorm craft ideas. Pinterest is useful for this as you can refine search terms.
  3. In your brainstorm include crafts which you enjoy and are confident doing. Don’t forget things like knitting, crochet, needlework, card making or sketching. Confidence when sharing skills is very helpful in building the necessary relationship for deep conversation.
  4. A craft might leap out at you as an ideal match but if it doesn’t then you need to look at the actions and materials involved in the craft (colour choice, water, tools, materials, purpose).
  5. Before finally choosing a craft ask this question. Is it meaningful, age appropriate (I would suggest not trying to teach four year olds iris folding or knitting!) and, above all, fun? Don’t choose something which, if it cannot be completed in a session, cannot be taken away and completed later.
Always have more than one choice on offer. One of those should be very simple like colouring in/join-the-dots or Lego. Yes, Lego! Craft, by definition, uses fine motor movement of the hands and so does Lego!



Help is needed for the children’s section of the show. The role of convenor is currently vacant. We also need general help.
Can you spare 2 hrs or more, between 10 am and 3 pm on any of the days leading up to the show, Monday 30th Sept – Friday 4th October.
You can help by:
  • Receiving entries
  • Helping set up displays
  • Assisting the judge.
Contact Nicole m. 0448 868 143 or email the Show, if you can help.

From mosaics, computer art and gingerbread there are lots of ways for young people U5 – U18 to be involved in the show.
These include:
  • Children’s Pet
  • A whole section for cookery
  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Flowers
  • Handicrafts
  • Photograpy
  • …and more
Check out all the different categories within each section on the show website. Don’t forget the Create a Farm Animal from Recycled Materials.
Show website: www.yankshow.com
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