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WEEK 1 TERM 4 ISSUE 301 October 17th 2019

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Jenna McArdle


Week 3
29th Governing Council
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Week 4
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11th Remembrance Day
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All Parents and Caregivers are invited to the next Governing Council meeting to discuss the proposed 2020 Materials and Services fee which is $244.
Monday, October 28th
School library
Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome to Term 4! I hope you had an enjoyable break with your children and the opportunity for some valuable family time. It will be another extremely busy term with many events planned for the remaining nine weeks.
External Review
This term our school will be undertaking an external review. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate what we are doing as a school and to target areas for improvement in the future. More information will be available in the upcoming weeks.
Camp 2019
Wow, what an amazing time we had on camp last term. I was so proud of the way all students represented our school. The behaviour was excellent and it was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and excitement our students had for the various experiences on offer. A massive thanks again to RATCH Australia-Corporation for their generous support and to the staff for their organisation and efforts on camp. I know the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and walked away with memories that will last forever.
2020 Classes
We are currently planning classes for next year. Please let us know if you are intending to leave the school or if you know of any children who are planning to enrol for next year. At this stage there will be an R-1 class, 2, 3, 4 class and 5, 6, 7 class. Information on classes will be made available later this term.
Our transition program will begin on Wednesday the 23rd of October 2019. Our transition program is focused on ensuring that the students changing classes next year already feel comfortable, safe and supported by the time Term 1, 2020 rolls around.
Students currently in Years 1 & 2 will transition into Helen’s class and the Year 4's will transition into Sarah’s class. Our transition program will run every Wednesday right through until week 7.
Larissa Barry will be running playgroup this Term on a Friday morning from 9:30 through to 11:30. Playgroup will begin in Week 1, however there will be no Playgroup in Week 2. Playgroup will be back on from Week 3 right through to the end of the term. We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces.
High Flyers
This Term we have a High Flyers group for Maths. Five students have been chosen by their teachers and supported by the data to take on some new challenges with Maths. We are really looking forward to stretching our brains to maximum capacity and getting into solving some “World Problems” through Maths.
Regular school attendance is proven to be vital to student achievement. Regular attendance in the early years sets the foundation for successful learners in the future. Poor attendance is not only an indicator of poor academic performance but it also hinders a child's ability to make and maintain positive relationships with their peers. Please let the school know when your child is absent either by a phone call or note in their diary. Thanks for your support with this.
Jen McArdle

Camp 2019

Last term we went to Warradale urban campsite. On Wednesday 25th September some students got on the bus at Delamere and some got on at Yankalilla skate park. On the way to camp we decided to go to the wooden playground to have recess and fruit. Once we arrived we all unpacked and got settled in. Soon after unpacking and getting settled in, we all left to go orienteering at the park. Once we had all finished that, we walked to Marion cinema and watched Abominable and ate some popcorn. Later that day we walked back to camp, had dinner and Jevin’s birthday cake. I think the best part that most people enjoyed was the movie. The most challenging thing would mostly be walking 15km on day 1.
Day 2
We all woke up early and got ready. Then we left camp and caught a train into the city. We split up into three groups some of us went to the apple store and others went to the museum or the art gallery. Then it was time for lunch so the UP and MP groups met up at China Town food court while the younger kids went to the Botanic Gardens. After lunch we all met up at the tree climb and started to climb. There were a lot of obstacles and it was pretty challenging because they were high and moving slightly. In the evening we caught another train back to campsite. We had another delicious dinner and another birthday cake for Felix. The most challenging thing for day two would probably be the tree climb.
Day 3
Early in the morning we all packed our things and got onto the bus and went to AFL MAX. After that we left and went to Pizza Hut for lunch. We had to wait a bit for the pizza but it was worth the wait. Later on, we jumped back onto the bus and went home.
Camp was amazing!!! Everyone had a go at everything which was magnificent. Some people even saw Sarah trip over at the tree climb and helped her out. We all appreciate Gina for making the delicious and amazing cooking. Some of the students learnt about public transport which is terrific. Thank you Jevin and Felix for an amazing dessert. (and Gina of course).
By Georgie
Camp 1


Last term we had our amazing parent helper Claire McKee come in and volunteer her time to do some clay pottery with our upper and middle primary students. The students had the opportunity to make their design out of clay. Once these designs were dry, Claire brought them back and students painted them in various colours using special paint. Claire then had to take them home and fire them in the kiln for the paint to set. The students loved having this opportunity to work with some clay and have them painted and fired. As we do not have a kiln at school it is a great opportunity for the students to learn about different techniques in pottery. We thank Claire for her valuable time!
clay painting
As part of our Friday afternoon rotations students will have the opportunity to make some beeswax wraps to bring home. As a school we are encouraging parents to try new ways to reduce the amount of plastic that comes to school in their lunchboxes. The beeswax wraps are a great way to replace Gladwrap in lunchboxes.
Claire McKee and myself are hoping, when we have finished this project, that we can have a Nude Food Day once a week ie no plastic in lunchboxes at all for that day. This may not be implemented until term 1 next year, but we are hoping that some of you may take the initiative by using these beeswax wraps before then.
Helen Maidment
Season open flyer
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