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WEEK 4 TERM 3 ISSUE 311 August 13th 2020

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Jenna McArdle



Week 5
Science Week

Week 6
Book Week


Week 8 Thurs 10th
School Photos

Week 9 Mon 14th
Premier's Reading Challenge finishes

Week 9 16th, 17th, 18th
Mylor Camp

Week 10 Fri 25th
Sports Day

Dear Rapid Bay families,
It has been another busy start to a term. The students and staff have been working really hard and there is a fantastic atmosphere of teamwork and learning around the school.

It will be a busy second half of the term as well with Book Week, Open Day and Sports Day coming up. Unfortunately in line with other schools in the partnership, the decision has been made that due to Covid 19 regulations and the necessity for adults to social distance, that these events will need to go ahead without parents and families attending. It was a very difficult and upsetting decision to make as I know how much Sports Day in particular means to our students and families. We will do our best to try and provide a live stream of at least some of the events as well as plenty of photos and social media updates. I thank you all for your understanding and support.

Book Week
Officially, Book Week has been postponed and rescheduled until Term 4. However, due to Term 4 being extremely busy with Leader’s Camp, Graduation planning and swimming lessons, staff have made the decision to celebrate Book Week at Rapid Bay as planned in Week 6 this term. Our dress up day will be on the Wednesday 26th. Students can choose to dress up as one of their favourite book week characters. The theme this year is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

Skool Loop

All school communication (letters, newsletters, information and permissions) will now be shared via the Skool Loop app. You can download Skool Loop on your mobile or tablet device and search for us.

Through Skool Loop you will also be able to sign permission forms and let us know if your child will be absent from school.

You will automatically join the “General” group. This group will include messages for all families. Each of the other groups will need a passcode to join. Teachers have provided the individual class codes via Seesaw.

If you have any questions about the app, please contact the school.

History art competition
A number of our students participated in the recent History Art competition ran by the Yankalilla Council. A massive congratulations to our award winners - Georgie 1st place seniors, Dale first place juniors, Rhys 2nd place juniors. They will receive their awards from the Mayor at our Assembly on Thursday afternoon.

Tree planting
The students had a successful day at our tree planting last week to celebrate National Tree Day. It was a fantastic way of doing something tangible for the local community. We have been tree planting with Green Corps and Yankalilla Council since 2005.

This year we planted using 200 local native plants grown by volunteers from the Yankalilla Community Nursery:

50 Drooping Sheoaks - food source for the critically endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo
50 Golden Wattles
50 SA Coastal Wattles and
50 Dry Land Tea Trees

A massive thanks to Corey, Julianne and Simon for their awesome work with the students on the day.

Aspire awards
Congratulations to this week’s Aspire award winners. They are Harrison, Fin, Archie, Lilly, Rhys and Harry.

Mylor Camp
Paper camp notes went home on Tuesday 11th August. Please contact the school if you have any queries. I know the students are very excited to participate in the fantastic range of activities planned for our stay!

Transition visits will take place over 7 weeks in Term 4. This is of course assuming the situation with Covid remains stable here in SA. More details to come.

Refugee week art Competition
Our students are busy creating their artworks based on the theme ‘Welcome, We are one’ to enter in this upcoming art competition. An opportunity has also arisen for Rapid Bay students to sing ‘I am Australian’ with Robert Bean and Robert Moyer at the exhibition. It is another fantastic chance to contribute to our local community. The final event will be held at Yankalilla Showgrounds on Saturday 3rd October 2020 between 2pm and 5pm.

  • Age 5 - 11 - 1st prize $200; 2nd prize $50; People’s Choice $50
  • Age 12 - 18 - 1st prize $200; 2nd prize $50; People’s Choice $50
With more and more school work being completed on computers, the importance of typing skills is as relevant as ever. As students enter high school, tertiary education and the workforce, they will need to be able to type efficiently. School assignments become longer and students need to be able to type without looking down at the keys. Our students will also have to complete Naplan online from next year so we need to prepare them for success. The students have been working with Zoe on developing this crucial life skill. Students are currently using Typing.com

RAPID Values
Respect; we will be kind and treat others, and our world, with care.
Aim high; we always try to achieve our best.
Passionate; we have a passion for learning.
Inquisitive; we are eager for knowledge and always asking questions.
Determined; we will never give up even when things get tough.

Our school values are an important part of our work here at Rapid Bay. Our current focus is A which represents Aim High. This value is a very important one as students and staff having high expectations of themselves as learners is proven by research to have a significant positive impact on student achievement. Every student can learn and achieve. Having that expectation is crucial to student achievement. Some students require additional support, or different teaching, to achieve these outcomes but the underlying belief that every student can achieve is central to everything we do.

“Nobody rises to low expectations.”
Calvin Lloyd

Have a great week,


Harrison, Fin, Archie, Lilly, Rhys, Harry
Dr Iris Iwanicki and Mayor Glen Rowlands attended today's assembly to present awards to students who entered the Heritage Youth Art Competition. Georgina won first prize in the senior section, Dale won first prize in the junior section and Rhys won second prize. We congratulate them on their success.

The Slinky Saga

A child brought a metal slinky to school one day. My heart sank when I saw Slinky because I had a pretty good idea of what was likely to happen next.

At recess time Slinky went out to play with his young owner and was very well behaved. A model of sleek, twisting slinkiness. Everyone returned to class happy, refreshed from their play and ready for more learning.

Lunch time came around and Slinky sat on the picnic table amidst the chatter of eating time. The signal to play was given and off went Slinky with his little owner and his friends.

Sadly, lunch play was a little long for Slinky and he got himself into a terrible twist. His young owner was quite upset and brought him to me. I offered to try and fix Slinky but I could make no promises that Slinky was fixable or that he would be exactly the same if I managed to untwist him.

There began the long, and arduous, task of untangling Slinky. As he was a metal slinky there were a few complications and many references to those who know slinky habits better than me (otherwise known as YouTube). After an hour and a half of hard work, for both Slinky and me, we had an untangled, if worse for wear, Slinky. His young owner greeted Slinky with a cry of joy but I had to warn him that poor Slinky might get tangled more easily next time so to “Please treat him with care when you play with him”.

I haven’t heard from Slinky, or his young owner, for a while now. I’m hoping this means that Slinky is playing good slinky games but if he comes back to me, in a tangle, I will patiently help him untwist again.

The saga of the tangled slinky is the story of what I do as a pastoral carer. I can sometimes see that help might be needed soon and then, when it is, I try to unwind things as patiently as I can. Sometimes the unwinding requires outside help and a lot of time but the joy of the freedom from the tangle is worth it.

Gina Hunt
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