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We acknowledge that we meet today on Kaurna Country. We would like to thank the Traditional Custodians of this land and recognise their continued connection to Country. We thank Elders past, present and emerging for sharing this land for us to learn on. We thank the Traditional Custodians for caring and looking after this land for thousands of generations. We will contribute to caring for this land for many years to comeand recognise that this always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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Jenna McArdle

Week 1

Life Education
Thursday 5th May

Week 2

NAPLAN Testing
Tuesday 10th - 20th May

Family Night
Wednesday 18th May

Walk Safely to School Day
Friday 20th May

Week 4

Dress Like a Pirate Day
Thursday 26th May

Week 5

Tree Planting
Friday 3rd June

Week 7

Queen's Birthday/Volunteers Day
Monday 13th June

Student Free Day
Wednesday 15th June

Week 1 - Term 2 - Issue 334 - May 5th 2022

Dear Rapid Bay families,

Welcome back
Welcome to Term 2. I hope you all had an enjoyable break and had the opportunity for some quality family time. We are looking forward to another busy term full of exciting activities and learning opportunities.

Life Ed
The team at Life Ed have visited us this Thursday and Friday for some fun interactive sessions. Watch our social media for some pictures of what we get up to.

NAPLAN – Week 2 and 3, Term 2
Students in Years 3, 5 and 7 will participate in Naplan testing next week in Numeracy, Reading, Writing and Language Conventions. These tests are used to help teachers identify areas for improvement for individual students and, whilst a useful source of data, are only one form of assessment. It is important that our students are relaxed and comfortable undertaking the testing, especially our Year 3’s who will be sitting the tests for the first time.

Family night – Wednesday 18th May
We are looking forward to our rescheduled event on Wednesday of Week 3. The itinerary of the night will be the same as originally planned. The AGM will be held at 6:30pm and it would be great to have as many parents there as possible.

Walk safely to school – Friday 20th May
Our school will participate in Walk Safely to School Day on Friday of Week 3. The bus will stop at the bridge and students and staff will walk together to school.

SRC Pirate Day – Thursday 26th May
Our wonderful SRC have planned a Pirate Day for the 26th of May to raise funds for childhood brain cancer. Our fundraising page will be advertised via our socials and on the Pirate Day Flyer at the end of our newsletter.

Tree planting - Friday 3rd June
We will be participating again this year in the tree planting at Cape Jervis on June the 3rd. This is always a successful day enjoyed by both students and staff and is one way we can help our local community and environment. There will be no bus stop at Bullaparinga on the day so students will need to attend another bus stop or be dropped off at Cape Jervis. Parent volunteers are most welcome!

Children’s University
We are awaiting the passports for our students that have signed up to the Children’s University. Families should have received a ‘Where to from here’ letter and a Portal Instructions booklet on Tuesday 3rd May. When the passports arrive, we will present students with them at assembly. Login details Week 1 - Term 2 - Issue 334 - May 5th 2022 for the portal will be on the first page of the passports.

Aquatics – Term 4
Aquatics for our Upper Primary Class was originally set to take place in Week 2 Term 1, unfortunately due to restrictions at the time it was unable to happen. This has now been rescheduled to 10th and 11th November, Week 4, Term 4 for students in Years 5/6/7.

School Camp – Term 4
Our whole school camp has been booked in for Week 6, Term 4, this Year the whole school will be heading over to Kangaroo Island. More information will be sent out throughout this term.

“Connection: Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.”
Brene Brown

Being connected with others has been a challenging task over the last two years but has never been more important! Having strong ties with others including your family, friends and local community has many benefits. It can help boost mental and physical health and well-being and can help provide happiness and purpose. It provides us with a network of others to support us when we are feeling down, lonely, or worried.

Our lives today are busier than ever. Some practical ideas for maintaining connection with family and friends include scheduling visits or phone calls, going out for a coffee with friends, inviting someone over for a cuppa or meal or even writing or texting someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Ideas of making new connections include volunteering, joining new groups and activities and making conversations with people.

Our connections with staff, students and parents/carers are at the heart of everything we do. Please remember we are always here for you if you need a chat!

Volunteering at school or for our Governing Council is another way of building social connections with others whilst also playing an active role within our school!

Jen McArdle



The school newsletter will be published in

weeks 1,4,7 and 10 of term on the RBPS website and Skool Loop.

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Staff Spotlight

Our students ask Rachel Graves some tricky questions

Crows or Port Power?

If you could be in any musical or movie, what would it be?
This is us (One Direction Documentry)

Star trek or Star Wars?
Star wars

What is your fondest memory from being a student at Rapid Bay?
Going to the beach when it is hot weather.

What superpower would you like?
Super strong

Any advice for Rapid Bay students?
Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy your school times as the time flies by so fast.

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The Many Meanings of Well with Gina

When we ask someone how they are, or tell someone that we are well, it can have many meanings. A sense of wellness, or wellbeing, in the various parts of our lives can also indicate our level of happiness, of productivity, of creativity and of our ability to care for others.
Well-being can be about our health and fitness in our physical self, our mental self, our emotional self, our social self and our spiritual self. Over coming weeks I’m going to dig into what some of these mean for us and for our families.

The first area I want to look at is our physical health, well-being and fitness. If we are able to get enough sleep, eat a healthy and nourishing diet, get a moderate amount of physical exercise and have access to timely medical and dental care then we are very likely to be in a state of good physical health. At school we provide many opportunities for students to play and run as well as structured PE lessons and the opportunity to take part in other sporting events such as footy and netball carnivals. We encourage students to make healthy food choices and have provided opportunities for dental check ups, visiting sports specialists and other good health related events.

At Rapid Bay we do things a little differently. We have access to an amazing local environment in which to walk, run and play. Where else can children walk on a windswept beach as part of their school day? One thing we can’t do, because all of our students travel to Rapid Bay by either bus or car, is encourage our families to walk to school. We are going to amend this with a special Walk Safely To School Day event, on May 20th, where everyone will get off the bus at the bridge, where they will be met by staff, and walk to school together. A special experience for children who don’t usually get to walk to school.
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Our next Newsletter will be in Week 4!!
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