Message from the Principal

Welcome to Rapid Bay Primary School.

We are a unique school situated on the picturesque Fleurieu Coast. We recognise the importance of academic growth and achievement but also in developing well rounded, empathetic citizens that will contribute positively to society.

At Rapid Bay we aim to develop self-directed learners who exhibit a strong growth mindset, empathy, resilience and a willingness to accept challenges.

Children are engaged and motivated when they are doing something in which they possess talent and are passionate about. It is our responsibility to ignite children’s intrinsic motivation which occurs when talents, along with passion create purpose.

We want our children to be ruthlessly, unendingly curious, realise that success and effort go hand in hand and embrace change. Therefore we are endeavouring to connect the curriculum to the real world, giving student’s choice, making learning more hands-on and building on collaboration. We encourage and nurture children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and expand on opportunities by laying the foundation for an innovating, knowledgeable generation.

Jenna McArdle

Our Mission

Embrace life through learning.

Our Vision

To be the best school in the world.

Our Values

Be Friendly, enjoy school

Ask others to join games

Solve problems peacefully

Be fair and safe when you play

Show that you care for people’s feelings

Use language appropriate for school

Be Positive, believe in yourself

Listen carefully

Always have-a-go and never give up

Stay on task and do your best

Ask for help when needed

Work together, play together and learn together

Recognise your feelings and manage them

Show Respect, you can make a difference

Get permission to use other people’s things

Wear school dress code with pride

Speak positively about others and your school

Follow adult teacher instructions

Consider the well- being of others

Treat equipment with care

Be Tolerant, work together

Encourage and include others

Listen and be patient

Accept the things you cannot change

Remember that enjoying a game with friends is more important than just winning a game