• One of the most engaging and beneficial online resources for learning phonics which allows the teacher to track progress and modify in class learning. This program is always free on website but is also currently free to download in the App store.
  • Please use provided student logins

  • Reading comprehension and fluency activities to be used once daily

  • Great parent information on phonics
  • Interactive activities for students at different phases of their learning – Most reception students are at phase 2 – most year 1 students are at phase 3. It is great to revise previous phases regularly
  • Free at home login- username: march20 password: home

  • Free decodable comics – allow students to develop sound knowledge and decoding skills
  • Targeted at sounds students have been taught – allowing for successful, fun reading experiences

  • A digital library of recipe picture books which can be flipped through like a digital storybook. Includes grocery lists, allergy and substitution information



  • Online maths program aligned to Australian curriculum – allows both teachers and parents to access and track student data.
  • Please have students login in the ‘class’ portal not ‘home’ – use code MNSDBT with student password

  • Quick and fun maths tasks that can be done with resources around the home

  • Resource to practice number facts

Physical movement:

YouTube channels with movement activities including gross and fine motor, dance, yoga, mindfulness, brain breaks etc.


Your one stop shop…

  • This teaching resource collection has been handpicked to include a range of resources that can be completed at home by children with the assistance of their parents or guardians during school closures. The resources cover the key learning areas of English, Maths and Science, along with some additional craft and mindfulness activities

  • This site has lots of great hands on activities for early years students including sink or float experiments, mixing colours, making potions, art, name building and lots more.

  • Science lessons designed to engage students, achieve learning outcomes, and be easy to use including short mini-lessons that are completely digital and full lessons that include an activity. All of the activities are designed to use simple supplies you likely already have at home.!/home

  • ABC Education is a collection of thousands of free, curriculum-linked resources for Primary and Secondary students and teachers. Games, videos, articles and news.