Children who live five kilometres or more (by the shortest route) from the school are eligible to travel on the school bus. Details about bus routes are available from the school. Behaviour on school buses is a shared responsibility between the driver and the school Principal. Continual misbehaviour may result in a suspension from bus travel after consultation between the parent and Principal.

A timetable is available from the school and any problems with it need to be discussed with the Principal. If you wish for your child to get on or off the bus at any stop other than that designated at the beginning of the school year please notify the school of these changes via a phone call or a note in the child’s diary. A travel allowance may be payable to parents who live five kilometres or more from the nearest school or school bus route. Parents need to discuss their eligibility for this allowance with the Principal.



Children born between the 1st May in one year and 30th April the following year will begin school in January. No other intakes of new Reception students will occur during the year.



Rapid Bay Primary School has a Christian Pastoral Support Worker who attends two days a week. She participates in school events and can be accessed by students, parents and staff.

Read more about CPSW



The school colours are RED, BLACK and NAVY BLUE.

Following is the defined dress code:


Tracksuit pants or trousers / Skirt / Shorts / Dress (blue and white check)


T-shirt / Skivvy / Polo shirt (short or long sleeved) / Windcheater / Jumper

Importantly, the school emphasizes the following:

  • Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times (thongs are not acceptable except when students go to the beach).
  • All children must wear a suitable sun safe hat during outside activities from Sep 1st to April 30th. (These are available to purchase from the school office)
  • Children must wear school uniforms for excursions and school photos.

Iron-On Logos

At this stage the school does not stock new uniforms for sale. We do have iron-on school logos, which can be affixed to most garments, available for a cost of $3.30 (inc GST) each from the school office.

Name Tags

Lost garments can be returned to their owner when named in permanent ink.

New Uniform Sales

Periodically throughout the year a uniform order is organised. Watch the newsletter for the order form.

Resale Clothing Pool

All pre-loved, outgrown garments, in reasonable condition, are available for resale at school.

Items found within the schoolyard are stored in a lost property box.

Staff will try to identify the owner of the lost property but this is not always possible. Parents are welcome to check the lost property box in an attempt to recover missing items. To alleviate the problem, please clearly name all children’s items with a permanent marker.



The School Dental Service provides dental care to schoolchildren. The clinic is located at South Coast District Hospital in Victor Harbor. The phone number is 8551 0460. Parents are generally notified when their children are due for a checkup but the clinic should be called if there are problems in the interim.

More information on the Dental Clinic



On Thursdays lunches may be purchased and are delivered from the Delamere Store. Please ask at the front office for a current price list.



Excursions play a very important part in the overall education of students. They are used to introduce or end topics being studied in the classroom. The school has a policy on excursions.

Parents will be given notice about proposed excursions, the costs and the perceived benefits. Students will be supervised at all times and where possible, we will travel by bus. If parent transport is required, the school will call for volunteers. A copy of the driver’s current license and either third party property or comprehensive insurance policy is required as well as a criminal history check prior to a vehicle being used for transporting children.

Students will be given a consent form for parents to sign for each major excursion involving travel and/ or cost.

For minor walking excursions around the local town area, an annual consent form is sent home at the beginning of the year.



We are continually working to improve the school library from which students may borrow books to take home. The library is also used for class lessons, lunchtime activity and private reading/study.

We request that each child has a library bag to protect books that have been borrowed to take home. These bags should measure approximately 40cm x 40cm. Suitable library bags can be purchased from school.

Students take responsibility for the books on loan in their name, so lost or badly damaged books will need to be replaced by parents. This can be very expensive, so please help your child to look after the library books.