Studyladder (Student logins provided) –

Mathematics, English, Science and more! A comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum.

Teach Starter-

To ensure uninterrupted access to high quality educational materials in the event of school closures, we are providing Teach Starter Plus free to all. Teachers and parents can sign up for a free Teach Starter account and upgrade to access one month of Teach Starter Plus absolutely free. Teach Starter Plus gives you access to everything Teach Starter has to offer.


Behind the News (more commonly known as BTN) is a long-running news programme broadcast on the ABC made in Adelaide and aimed at school-aged children (8–13 years of age). BtN is aimed at upper primary and lower secondary students with the hope of helping them understand issues and events outside their own lives.

Behind the News explores news using the current language, trendy music and popular culture of youths. The programme explains the basic concepts that underpin the issues and events, while also providing background information in the hopes that children will take an interest.

Kahoot (game pin and times provided)

Quizlet (logins provided)


Epic –

ReadWorks –


Nrich Maths

NRICH welcomes millions of users every year to share our free, online mathematical activities for learners aged 3-19. We have a huge bank of award-winning resources, ideal for children and students to work on independently while schools are closed, and for teachers to use when teaching remotely.

Sumdog (logins from school required)

Motivate your child to work on maths, spelling and reading with our platform which is proven to accelerate growth, offering personalised practice for ages 5 to 14.

Prodigy (school logins provided)


Duolingo –

Languages Online –