Governing Council

“The School Administration is the Hands of the Organisation and the Governing Council is the Mind of the Organisation.”

The Governing Council is accountable for the governance of the school by:

  • Setting broad direction and vision for the school
  • Managing finances
  • Determining any variation to policy set by the Department for Education
  • Reviewing results against the goals set
  • Ensuring facilities and buildings are properly maintained

The membership is made up to 9 members. There are 6 elected parent members elected for a 2 year term. Elections are offset by one year so there are 3 members that retire annually. Members may re-nominate. The Principal is an ex-officio member. The Council may choose to nominate up to 2 Community Representative each year for a one year term.

Office Bearers
Office bearers are elected by the sitting members of the Governing Council at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Sub Committees
The Governing Council has the power to commission sub committees. Every Governing Council has a standing committee for Finance. Rapid Bay also has a Promotions Committee.

Members for 2018
Adrian Dauk (Chairperson)
Victoria Wetherby (Deputy Chairperson)
Kristy Russo (Treasurer)
Lucy Williss (Secretary)
Jules Maddern
Kelly Wilson
Michael Krichauff (Community)
Jenna McArdle (Principal)

Finance Committee
Kristy Russo
Victoria Wetherby
Mark Shadiac
Deb Wilson

Promotions Committee
Lucy Williss
Kelly Wilson
Jenna McArdle
Amy Willcocks